Friday, 21 September 2012

Opening thoughts

 Stepping into the unknown

This is a new venture for me, especially as friends will tell you I’m an utter technophobe who does not readily adapt to modern technology. My mobile phone is as primitive as possible and I do not own an IPad or any other gizmo.  In fact I find very little use for the plethora of technology that tempts most mortals. So, as usual, I am ten years behind the time! However, I usually have plenty of ideas and opinions, so maybe this is useful a medium to explore? There will be those who will say I'm far too opinionated for my own good!

My intention is to post observations and reflections when they seem to be pertinent. They will be sporadic and will appear as events unfold. My intention is to focus on natural history recording and on conservation issues. Hopefully some will strike a chord with those who choose to read them.

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