Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Autumn Field Meeting - update

Today's weather was fantastic. One of those lovely autumn days with warm hazy sunshine. Where were the flies though?

We visited several very nice places but found remarkably few flies. That said, there were a few Platypezidae about and Peter Chandler took three species. Fungus gnats were very scarce, as were Heliomyzidae and Lauxaniidae. There were also very few hovers.

It looks as though the autumn is well and truly established in North Wales and that winter is rapidly setting in. That said, we are still only in early October but the water is jolly cold - I managed a partial dipping today bu losing my footing and falling into a muddy gully. I reckon I am at risk of becoming a liability!

Hoping for good weather tomorrow as we head off towards Colwyn Bay,

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