Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Amazon & Wildguide: Britain's Hoverflies

I have heard from various people that their Amazon order for the WILDGuide has been cancelled. I have investigated with our publishers and they don't understand what is going on either. They suggest that the likely reason is that there have been several delays and that as a result Amazon may have a process that kicks in to cancel orders. But, in truth we just don't know why this is.

As an update, Rob Still, the designer is expecting to receive page proofs in the near future. Assuming they are ok, then the button will be pressed and the presses will roll. After that it is an agonising wait for the container to reach the UK and then  for the books to reach distributors (including me!).

So, whilst the book won't be in Christmas stockings this year, it can be expected to accompany your Easter Eggs - just in time for the new field season.

Happy Christmas everybody!

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